Welcome to CARTERA, handcrafted leather bags.

I am Galit Perez, the founder of CARTERA.
CARTERA is a Spanish word for a wallet, a purse. My dad (Salvador Perez) came from a village in north Morocco where the inhabitants speak Spanish. Therefore, I searched for a logo related to my Spanish roots.

CARTERA was founded in 2012 and is a fast-growing company.
My craftsman's workshop is in San Francisco Bay area, CA, where I design, cut, and sew the bags.
I sourced the best top-grain leather from California suppliers.  
The leather bags are charming and functional, designed to help transition from work to leisure. I desire
CARTERA to be synonymous with quality as well as creativity.

I have a formal education in business administration and project management. However, my deep passion for design and fashion motivated my vocation - designing leather handbags.

Every one of my bags is designed to last!


Galit Perez

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