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Your CARTERA bag is made from 100% natural cow leather which may feature wrinkles, markings, and color variations. This is all part of the beauty and charm of a CARTERA product - it is unique to you.  My hard-wearing product will last if cared for correctly. I recommend that you take the following measures to get the most out of your bag:

  • Wet sanitizer can cause irreparable damage to my products, discoloring or altering the surface finish of the leather. Please make sure to wait a few seconds until your hands are fully dry before touching the leather. Rest assured that once your hands are dry, there is no risk of damaging your product.

  • If the leather does get wet, please wipe off any excess water and allow it to dry naturally. Following this, we would recommend that you apply a leather protection cream to help repel water and nourish the leather, however, please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand.

  • ​Your bag will age over time, please don’t panic as this is normal as it is a natural product. Ordinary Vaseline works well on minor scuffs and abrasions to buff your satchel.

  • Usually, I use the company kiwi for leather protection 

  • Please note - don't use any protection on the suede bags

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